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About Head of Bight

About Head of Bight

One of the most spectacular whale watching sites in South Australia (or indeed, the world) is the HEAD OF BIGHT, near the Nullarbor Plain in the State's Far West coast.

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Together with the adjacent Nullarbor National Park and Regional Reserve plus the Great Australian Bight Marine Park the precinct contributes to a sense of isolation and discovery in this near wilderness location.

At this unique geographical spot, a mini-desert of towering sand dunes meets a sheer line of 90m limestone cliffs.

In the sheltered waters of the bay below, Southern Right whales congregate en masse to give birth to calves.

Combining accessible viewing platforms with the spectacular backdrop of the Bunda Cliffs and superb pristine beaches, the facility offers travellers an unparalleled opportunity to view the large numbers of Southern Right Whales.

Approach to the centre is via a sealed road and attached to the car park is a comfortable undercover picnic area for travellers.

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Public Toilets and water tanks are also provided for the use of travellers. The Head of Bight picnic area also doubles as an education facility with a number of display boards displaying the habits, behaviours and other scientific curiosities relating to the Southern Right Whale.


Head of Bight offers fantastic views with or without whales and travellers are encouraged to visit all year long. Bunda Cliffs are part of Australia’s most awe-inspiring coastlines and HoB is the perfect location to take in this majestic sight. It is a peaceful location that provides for driver and passenger a relaxing break and stunning views.