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The Aboriginal Lands Trust

The Aboriginal Lands Trust (ALT)

ALT logoThe Aboriginal Lands Trust is established pursuant to the Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966.

The Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 was the first in Australia to ensure that titles to existing Aboriginal Reserves were held in trust on behalf of all Aboriginal people in South Australia.

The Aboriginal Lands Trust holds title to 63 properties comprising approximately 990,000 hectares of land for economic and cultural benefit.  It is made up of former Crown Lands transferred to it and properties that have been donated purchased or otherwise acquired.

The core functions of the Trust are to hold, manage and administer land. The Trust has met these responsibilities by organising the leasing of land to Communities and managing natural resource management programs to improve conditions on the land.

head of bightHead of Bight Tourist Centre is built on Yalata land which is held in trust by the ALT.  At this stage the ALT is operating HoB to create a signature destination for tourism and visitor opportunities.  The ALT is endeavouring to enhance the potential of HoB for economic development and employment opportunities within the region.