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Is there accommodation at Head of Bight

Unfortunately at this stage of our development there are no facilities available for accommodation. The closest accommodation can be found at:

  • Nullarbor Roadhouse approximately 15 km WEST of Head of Bight - (08) 8625 6271
  • Nullarbor National Park approximately 100km WEST of Head of Bight- (08) 8625 3144
  • Border Village approximately 200km WEST of Head of Bight - (08) 9039 3474

How many whales will I see?

The number of whales varies depending on when you visit. During the breeding season (June to October) you may see 110 whales at one time or even more!

Can I swim with the Whales?

No, whales are a protected species and there are very strict guidelines to adhere to. You have to remain at least 100m away from them at all times.

Do I need binoculars or are the whales close enough to shore to see without them?

Even though the whales do venture close to shore, binoculars would make whale viewing even better! So it would be a good idea to bring them along. There are a few binoculars on the boardwalks that you can pay to use.

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