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Travelling along the Nullarbor

90 mile

Ceduna is the pathway to the Nullarbor and is well known for its beautiful, peaceful location. Ceduna is a rough translation of the local Aboriginal word "Chedoona" which is said to mean a place to sit down and rest. Ceduna is the host to Australia's largest oyster festival which is held on the South Australian October long weekend each year.

 73kms from Ceduna


Penong was established at the arrival of the railway line in 1915. It is the first town on the road after you leave Ceduna. Penong has a pub, Caravan Park and a couple of shops. It is notable for its windmills which pump the local water supply from a large underground basin.

 Cactus Cactus Beach
 21kms South from Penong

Cactus Beach is one of Australia's most famous surfing beaches. It is popular with surfing enthusiasts because it has three perfect surfing breaks. Castles and Cactus which are both left handers and Caves which is a powerful right-hand break. It is remote, and the surroundings are beautiful. Even though the land surrounding the beach is privately owned, permits are available for camping.

Fowlers Bay  Fowlers Bay
 58 kms from Penong

Fowler's Bay is an isolated town on the coast surrounded by sand dunes and excellent fishing beaches. Off the Fowler's Bay jetty you can catch Mulloway, Whiting, Garfish, Tommy Ruff, Trevally and Sweep. Fowlers Bay amenities include accommodation, a caravan park, a public phone, playground, undercover picnic facilities and public toilets.

32km from Fowlers Bay

Nundroo once well known for its sheep grazing is now more famous for its wild flowers, massive sand dunes and fishing at Scott Beach, Mexican Hat and Cabots Beach. Nundroo's amenities include a Hotel / Motel and Service Station. Nundroo is a perfect place to have a break along the way.

Dog FenceDog Fence

The Dingo Fence or Dog Fence is a pest-exclusion fence which was built in Australia during the 1880s. It was built to keep dingoes out of the fertile south-east part of the continent and protect the sheep flocks of southern Queensland as dingos had nearly all been exterminated there. It is one of the longest structures in the world and is the world's longest fence. It stretches 5,614 km from Jimbour on the Darling Downs through thousands of kilometres west of Eyre peninsula on cliffs of the Nullarbor Plain above the Great Australian Bight near Nundroo.

Yalata BeachYalata Beach - Camping and Fishing
51kms west of Nundroo

The area surrounding Yalata Community was declared an Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) in October 1999. The IPA covers an area of 456,300 hectares and is managed by Yalata Community Inc. The area is of great cultural importance with dreaming tracks which cross the continent of Australia converging in this area.
Yalata Indigenous Protected Area provides some of the best natural dune camping areas available. It also lies adjacent to some of the best remote surf fishing available on the Far West Coast of South Australia. Recreational fishing species include Mulloway, Snapper, Australian Salmon and Shark. Camping is only permissible in designated camp sites and a permit is required. Details of permits and how to book can be found on the Yalata IPA website: http://www.yalata.org

Bunda Cliffs

Bunda Cliffs

The spectacular Bunda Cliffs stretch for 200 kilometres along the Great Australian Bight between the Head of the Bight and the border with Western Australia. They are approximately 80 metres in height and are the remains of an ancient ocean bed that was subject to geological uplifting millions of years ago.
Photo courtesy of Claire Charlton- Eubalaena Pty. Ltd

Illcumba DunesIllcumba Dunes

Illcumba Dunes are the most beautiful, wind shaped dune fields in Australia. The complexity of the dune system is apparent when you stand at the Head of the Bight and look from east to west. Enjoy the view of the dunes from Head of the Bight and other various stops along the way.

Nullarbor Roadhouse
16km west of HoB

Nullarbor Roadhouse
The Nullarbor Roadhouse has a wide range of facilities for the Nullarbor traveller. Meals, fuel, motel, a licensed restaurant, a caravan park, backpacker rooms and laundry facilities. The Nullarbor Roadhouse is open from 7:00am to 10:00pm 7 days a week and has EFTPOS facilities available. Nullarbor Roadhouse also has a bar that is open Monday to Saturday between 10:00am and 10:00pm. Sunday bar hours are 12 midday to 8:00pm.