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Animals & Birds


Aside from whales you might see White Pointers, Dolphins, turtles and Australian sea lions in the sanctuary waters.

seals dolphine



On land, you might see dingoes, wombats, reptiles, snakes and wild camels. Please be aware that feeding of dingos is to be discouraged. 

dingo snake
wombat camel


In the air you may see Osprey, Wedge Tail Eagles, Nullarbor Quail-Thrush, Western Yellow Robin, Blue-breasted Fairy Wren, Mallee Whipbird or Rock Parrot, Scarlet-chested Parrots and other Australian Birds.

Parrot Quail-Thursh
Eagle Osprey


BustardsBustards weigh approximately 14 kg and are the heaviest flying birds in Australia and possibly the world. These huge birds stand 120 cm tall, with a wingspan of around 2 m.

Because of their great weight, bustards much prefer to walk, though it is a spectacular sight when they do fly.

They have a pale grey neck and belly, and freckled brown wings and tail. Male bustards have a black crown, while the females have a brown crown.