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Whale watching

Whale watching

Whale watching at its best

Southern Right Whales at Head of Bight take up 'residence' for an entire 5 month period between June and October and generally remain within a 15km long section of coast.

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The high cliff line provides fantastic views for the land-based whale watchers, and boardwalks are available at Head of Bight to take visitors to two main viewing areas, one to the east and one to the west of the main pathway. The boardwalk ramps are sloped for wheel chair access.

boardwalksFrom the boardwalk you can marvel at the lopping, diving, spy hopping and slow motion somersaults of these majestic whales. See these magnificent endangered creatures mate and calve in the nursery waters or simply watch them arrive from Antarctic waters with humpback whales. If you listen carefully you may even hear the moaning of the Southern Right Whales as they swim within the bay.

The Head of Bight picnic area also doubles as an education facility with a number of display boards displaying the habits, behaviours and other scientific curiosities relating to the Southern Right Whale.

Whale Watching Season


  • Mid May to late October
  • Whales with calves tend to stay 'in residence' at the site all season
  • You are guaranteed to see a whale from June to September
  • At the height of the season (July/August), over 100 whales can be in the area at one time